Academic year : 2017-2018

Student(s) : Chaymaa Cherroud (ENSAM - Casablanca - Maroc)


1. Task 1. Study and measurements of the zero-crossing electronic circuit
2. Create two versions of a WEB-based WIFI wireless control parameters input. Web-based configuration user interface: configures the dimmer power and the selection of the power plug output. Options: (2.1) the ESP generates the http page or (2.2) the ESP connect to an existing http page using socket. In both cases we need: buttons (activation/deactivation), text input (?) text output (status) value input (% of power) or slider (idem).
3. Development of a smartphone user application (Java/Android) to configure the device. An Android user application or a web site (previous version or WEB server) seen on a smartphone available to control the hardware circuit (select the output and its output associated power).


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